Casio AZ-1 Keytar

Casio AZ-1 KeytarThe Casio AZ-1 Keytar is a compact and lightweight design with 41 keys and 8-note polyphonic along with a magnitude of features and functions to provide new energy to any music!

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The Casio AZ-1 Keytar has to define controllers including 2 wheels, 2 switches, and 1 slider to easily send assigned MIDI data as required. Pitch wheel shifts sound up or down at ¼ of the note which includes Sustain, Portamento, Pitch Bend, and Solo Octave (Up/Normal/Down) effects.

The Casio AZ-1 comes with one MIDI output that can transmit to two MIDI channels simultaneously. This includes program buttons for sending MIDI program change command. Velocity sensitivity and after-touch are both included while most high-end keyboards only have one. Initial-touch and after-touch allow easy shifting of volume and timbre.

This MIDI keyboard comes with 126 easy-to-transmit timbre programs ranging from 0 to 127. Channels 1 to 16 can be placed on two MIDI channels. The Dual mode MIDI Out function allows the two separate MIDI channels to transmit data simultaneously.

The Casio AZ-1 features a 3-Digit and 7 Segment LED Display for the easy reading of control functions in use. It's powered by either a 100, 117, 220 or 240V, 50/60Hz or 6 AA manganese dry batteries. This keyboard is to be used with a shoulder strap similar to an electric guitar.

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