Junost 21

Junost 21 Keytar SynthThe Junost 21 portable keyboard can be considered a "Keytar", but only because a player can throw it over their shoulder and play it. Really, it's a portable Synth that has a handle on it that looks like a Keytar.

Requiring a battery pack to actually power the device when you're carting it around, it's role as a keytar is questionable. Still, we've decided to review it here so you can use your own judgement and decide if it's going to fit the bill.

The Junost is a Russian (Soviet) instrument which was released in the 1980's. It has a range of sounds that are useable, albeit a bit cheesy (& Noisy). What is cool about this synth is the amount of control you have over the sounds. It's got filter control, an octave transposer, a tuning pot, and heaps more. It's well worth doing some research to find out more about the Junost 21 - there's heaps of videos on youtube which will give you a better idea.

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