Korg RK-100s Keytar

Korg RK-100S-MG KeytarBack in 1984, Korg released a Keytar, the RK-100, which gave keyboardists the freedom to move around as they played. This allowed the player to perform in their own right, not being confined to behind a keyboard in a fixed place on stage. Not only that, but it was available in four colours and came in a very stylish body.

Today, Korg has resurrected that model, and added some fresh new features. Curvier then it's predecessor, but still with the same overall design, the new Korg RK-100S-MG is lighter, slimmer and easier to carry around on your shoulder. They've also installed a build-in analogue modelling sound generator, so you no longer need to connect to an external device to make sound.

New features and functions include two ribbon controllers, an arpeggiator, and a vocoder, and there are also "favorite" buttons that allow you to register frequently-used sounds for one-touch selection. The RK-100S is your choice for smarter, more active, and more enjoyable performance.

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