Roland AX-1

Roland AX-1 KeytarRolands AX-1 Keytar is a pure MIDI controller keyboard, designed to be worn like a guitar with a shoulder strap.

Conceptually designed by David Sherriff and Andrew Leggo in the U.K., before Roland Europe in Italy took on the electronic engineering, the AX-1 was released to the public around 1986 to much fanfare. Many famous artists have been seen using the AX-1, including Jean-Michel Jarre, Imogen Heap & Peter Gabriel.

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It features a 45 note, velocity sensitive keyboard, a pitch bend ribbon for extra control, a touch like expression bar on the neck, and a sustain switch on the back for more possibilities.  Being a MIDI only device, it doesn't produce any of it's own sounds, so needs to be connected to software or a sound module to be fully utilised.

The Roland AX-7 was a further developed model of the AX-1, and comes with many more features. The AX-1 is also available as a black model, called the AX-1B.

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