Roland AX-7

Roland AX-7 KeytarRolands AX-7 keytar builds on the legendary design of the original Roland AX-1 Keytar, released in the 80's, with an attractive pearl white body, and improved design & feature set.

Offering stage performers more freedom and expression, the AX-7 extends the AX-1's abilities with it's 5 real time controllers - A touch controller, an expression bar, a hold button and Roland's famous Invisible D-Beam, where you can use your hands to control expression a beam of light sensor.

Offering a 45 note velocity sensitive keyboard, It also has a new 7 segment LED display, so you can see exactly what patch you're into, and is compatible with General Midi 2 (GM2). It has 128 patches, 2 Midi zones for control of seperate instruments and is Battery or AC powered.

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