Roland SH-101

The Roland SH-101 Keytar is a monophonic synthesizer with a 32 key, F scale keyboard. Despite being small, the Roland has the amazing features found in similar to large synthesizers. It comes with various functions to provide flexible and excellent performance.

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Roland SH-101 KeytarThe SH-101 Keytar has a very basic layout. It features one oscillator that comes with multiple waveforms that can be easily mixed. It comes with a Control Voltage CV/gate control to conduct the synthesizer with external sequencers; Arpeggiator for easy playing of synth parts with simple chords and a built-in sequencer capable of an automatic play of up to 100 steps. Pressing a chord triggers the Automatic Arpeggio function to work. The transpose function allows the shifting to any key.

A Portamento function selector comes with an Auto mode for Portamento effect while playing in Legato. It comes with one Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (VCO) with multiple levels for every waveform: square, saw, pulse, sub-oscillator and Pulse Width Modulation. PWM comes with a one level set-up or EG (Envelope Generator) /Low-frequency oscillation (LFO) controlled. LFO is an electronic signal below 20Hz used to create a sweet or rhythmic pulse for synthesizer modulation.

Voltage Control Filter (VCF) can either oscillate on its own or as modulated by the LFO, Envelope Generator or keyboard tracking. The EG is Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release (ADSR) mode to duplicate the sound and can be operated by the LFO or GATE. VCA can be EG or Gate-controlled.

Available in white, blue, red, and gray, the SH-101 comes with Input/Output jacks for CV GATE as well as External Clock Input. Connecting the SH-101 to other devices is also possible.

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