Yamaha KX5 Keytar

The Yamaha KX5 Keytar comes with initial and aftertouch sensitivity for sharp control of dynamics and timbre through key touch.

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Yamaha KX-5 Keytar

Yamaha KX-5 Keytar (Source)

The KX5 also features 2-octave transpose control up to 64 voices in the keyboard’s memory and easy to handle volume thumbwheels and modulation. Working with a receiving keyboard, the KX-5 boosts the live performance efficiency of keyboard instruments. 

The KX5 comes with 37 keys with C2-C5 range. It has a sustained effect while the switch is held. The ribbon controller allows smooth pitch bend effects within the range specified by the receiving keyboard. The receiving keyboard also determines the modulation effects as controlled by the modulation wheel. This Yamaha model is capable of extending portamento time.

The Yamaha KX5 can operate on monophonic and polyphonic modes. The raising and lowering of the pitch are controlled by the transpose selectors while the selection of voices is carried out in the 8 banks. When the voice or bank button is pressed simultaneously with the sustain button, the 33 - 64 pre-set voices can be used as long as the receiving keyboard also has these additional voices. 

The Yamaha KX5 is powered by 6 “AA batteries which can run for 7 continuous hours. It can also be used with a strap. Weighing approximately 3 kgs and with dimensions of 36” W x 3 1/8” H x 7 ½” D, this Yamaha keytar is available in silver and black.


Keyboard 37 keys, C2 ~ C3 (initial and After Touch Response) Poly (up to 16 notes) Mono selectable
Tone Selectors 32 (4 Banks x 8 voices)
Controls Transpose (OCT Up/N/OCT Down), Mono/Poly, Portamento, Volume Wheel, Modulation Wheel, Pitch Bend, Sustain, MIDI ch (1/2)
Connecting Terminals Breath control, MIDI out
Power Source Battery ("AA" or "R6" x 6)
Color Black
Dimensions (W x H x D) 914 x 80 x 191 mm, (36 x 3-1/8 x 7-1/2" )
Weight 3.7 kg (8.2 lbs. )
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