Yamaha SHS-10

Yamaha-SHS-10-KeytarThe Yamaha SHS-10 is Keytar released in the 80's.

It features a mini Keyboard, with 32 keys (3 octaves), a pitch bend wheel, a FM Synth offering 25 different voices outputting 6 note polyphony.

It also features a chord sequencer to make your performance a little bit easier.

It has a older, 5 pin din connector which transmits MIDI out, so you can connect it to a sound module or computer via a MIDI to USB Interface. One of it's attractive features of the day was the ability to transmit drums on a seperate midi channel, so you could connect it up to an external drum machine.

Overall this is a much loved vintage Keytar - the combination of cheesy 80's FM Synthesised sounds, built-in rhythmic percussion and it's overall design attract musicians with it's charm.

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