Yamaha SHS-200 Keytar

Yamaha SHS-200 Keytar

Yamaha SHS-200 Keytar (Source)

The Yamaha SHS-200 Keytar is a MIDI shoulder keyboard with internal sound capabilities.  It features onboard Rhythms and voices, pitch bend wheel and a MIDI connection. This keytar can also be played with pedals using an effects unit or sound module.

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This Yamaha keytar model is equipped with 49 mini keys, 56 instrumental voices including Synth, Bass, Jazz Organ, Pipe Organ, Piano, Steel Drum, Violin, Cello, Jazz Guitar, and Rock Guitar; and 66 accompaniment styles including Rhythm & Blues, Fusion, Rap, Rock N Roll, Rock a Ballad, Fold, Guitar, Salsa  and Tango.

The Yamaha SHS-200 comes with Normal, Auto Bass Chord, Melody on ABC, Auto Bass, Auto Chord and Single Finger on ABC modes. It has 6 built-in Sequencers plus a Record option. It has a Voice/Style option and an ON/OFF Stereo Symphonic which is in ON mode each time the keyboard is switched on. Portamento, Vibrato and Sustain effects are also included along with Transpose, Tempo, Tuning, MIDI Channel and Accompaniment Volume. It can be played either with a single hand position or a double hand position.

The Yamaha SHS-200 is an excellent and versatile accompaniment. It can play a dull chord progression automatically, depending on the chosen voice. The Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) allows the SHS-200 to communicate with other musical instruments when the MIDI Out terminal is connected to the MIDI tone generation system, allowing it to have additional voices.

This Yamaha keytar is equipped with two 1.3 (RMS) amplifiers and a 3.5” x 2, 4 ohms speakers. It is powered by either 6 C-sized batteries or an AC power adaptor. It also has auxiliary jacks for headphones / AX Out, DC9 12 volts In / MIDI Out. It weighs 2.8 kgs with the strap and batteries and has a dimension of 33 ¼” x 9 3/8” x 5 7/8”.

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